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April 07, 2006


Andrea Weckerle


Great idea about the charities, helping the ones who need it the most. If we want to, and once we build more momentum, we can even chose a few different charities. I like Susan's idea about children; I like the idea of being good stewards of the environment by helping environmental & animal protection groups; I like the idea of helping the many poor or disenfranchised. "I'm thinking of the millions who don't have blogs or computers or Internet access, but who would welcome help from those who do." = brilliant.

Allan Jenkins

Gary, Susan, Eric, and Linda you are now Assistant Deputy District co-Executives for Distributing Nobody's Largesse. We'll put a polyester tie in the mail to you.

I'm down with aiding other nobodies, especially those who can't afford to, or are never given the chance to, flip a finger at somebodies.

I started writing an article about microlending, then set it aside... it's a fascinating phenom that really does let nobodies build a little something.


I like Eric's micro-lending idea. Very small amounts make enormous differences. These small loans make Somebodies.

Nobody listens, Nobody sees, Nobody lends a hand.

Yes. We do.

Gary Goldhammer

Eric, the micro-lending concept sounds great. Let us know what you find out!

Eric Eggertson

I like the idea, Gary.

Something that provides a lot of help for people who have very little but have energy and enthusiasm is micro-lending. Typically women get a small loan to help them buy some equipment, or otherwise set themselves up in business. The kids benefit from a stable home, and the borrower usually pays the money back.

That's my idea. I'll see if I can find a charity that operates on that basis, and I'll get back to you.

Susan Getgood

Something for children. Because we want them all to grow up to be somebody.

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