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April 11, 2006



Hi - I just realized that this is a multi-author blogging environment, and I should have put my comment about the manifesto here.

Anyway, you might find Robert Fuller's "The Nobody Manifesto" useful in working out your own. Here's the link: http://www.breakingranks.net/weblog/nobody-manifesto/

Allan Jenkins

Certainly that we were born out of what Hobson and Holtz called "outrage and humor"... that we want to propel this groundswell into a movement that makes the most of the potential of social media (bringing nobodies together to do something)... the charitable aspect, too.

Andrea Weckerle


Because we're already messing them up? :-)


I love this idea. I get tired of hearing unless you are a "professional" your blog cannot be taken seriously. Whatever happened to freedom of speech. Yes I am an amateur but I know people get loads of tips from people like us...keep it up

Serge Cornelus

How about a non-obligation to pronounce people's names correctly? :-)

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