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May 05, 2006



The opportunities for the good blogs to rise to the top are diminishing. For instance, as big celebrities set up blogs staffed with main stream media stars, this has a tendency to suck up the audience. The more traffic you get, the more people will come to your blog to pimp their own links.

A lot of people in the blog-punditry world have been looking at the problem in terms of rankism. A lot of the impetus came from Mary Hodder, who had access to the technorati data and could run some numbers: http://napsterization.org/stories/archives/000513.html

Daniel Bernstein

Hey, look, I'm a real person. As Ike said, things are just getting started. More to come...


Thanks for taking notice. I knew when I read Danny's post that it was going to attract attention, but certainly didn't see the firestorm coming.

In general, I think a lot people overreact to things like this, just too emotional. I tried to avoid that because, ultimately, a lot of us are still trying to figure all of this out. Also, the "nobody" concept seemed very appropriate in this situation. Does this mean I'm officially a nobody? :)


I had an interesting conversation with Daniel yesterday. (Real, live, voice call. Not Skype.)

There is an idea a-brewing, and there's room for a bunch of Nobodies in it...

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